Lynham Networks has delivered fibre to warehouse units and office towers from small boutique developments right up to substantial business park precincts. We are the preferred provider for industrial development specialists providing solutions quickly and in difficult locations when other providers fail to deliver on time.

Empowering connectivity for industrial spaces

In addition to solutions for residential developers, we also have a demonstrated history in successfully supporting commercial and retail developments.

We stay ahead of the curve in terms of smart building technology; including connectivity of security functions and climate control.

We fully understand the needs of business customers, offering very competitive plans supported by service assurance and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) via the range of available retailers.

Pit and pipe infrastructure solutions

Pit and pipe infrastructure is commonly used in multiple stand-alone dwellings, adjoined dwellings or horizontal Multi Dwelling Units where telecommunication conduits need to be installed underground and connected to a shared local network pit. These pits serve as the central hub for managing connections between the conduits.

Lynham Networks will work with you to design the pit and pipe infrastructure required for your development according to our guidelines. We will review, provide feedback and accept plans and designs. Construction of pit and pipe can be done by you or by our team.

Lynham Networks smart infrastructure

At Lynham Networks, we recognize the importance of reliable internet connectivity in industrial spaces. That’s why our solutions always include community Wi-Fi access points in common areas as standard. Our infrastructure also supports smart poles and other facilities that enable third-party connected solutions, including CCTV, media, display panels and lighting, ensuring that your industrial space is always connected and optimized for your needs.

Typically, the wireless access points, fibre and Network Termination Devices (NTDs) required are provided at no cost to qualifying industrial projects.

Note: council approval required, connected systems by others.

Success stories

Discover more about some of the many successful broadband projects Lynham Networks has delivered.

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