When you’re selling the dream, it has to deliver.

We design, install and operate our own fast and robust FTTP telecommunications networks designed for low latency with no contention.

There’s no need for NBN infrastructure in the premises we service, our network is an Australian Government accepted NBN alternative. 

Best of all, we typically cover the installation costs for developers (subject to site qualification), working with your design team flexibly to create a solution that makes the most of your building.

Offer your residents broadband fit for today.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s communities, and unlike the multi-technology mix of other providers, our network uses an end-to-end optic fibre network with redundant fixed wireless links for faster and more reliable symmetrical connections of up to 1,000 Mbps – upload and download. Our networks are designed for low latency with no contention.

Apartments, master planned communities, commercial warehouses or dedicated build to rent – we have the capability and can tailor offers to support your development and provide superior outcomes to your residents and tenants.

Lightning fast internet built for:


Build-to-rent (BTR)

Master planned communities

Townhouses and precincts


Retirement living

Commercial and retail


Building retrofit

Federal Government Approved SIP

Lynham Networks is a Licensed Telecommunications Carrier compliant with all Australian telecommunications legislation and other regulatory requirements. In addition to being a licensed carrier, Lynham Networks is also a Statutory Infrastructure Provider, authorised to install compliant telecommunications infrastructure in greenfield developments. We are specifically named in the Federal Government’s Telecommunication in New Developments (TIND) Policy as an NBN alternative available to provide telco infrastructure to new developments.


A team you can trust

Lynham Networks is a Licensed Telecommunication Carrier and approved Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) noted in the Federal Government’s Telecommunication Policy.

Reliable service, unlocking value

Your dedicated Lynham Networks project manager will connect the dots to design, install and deliver on time, with unlimited design changes. Offering a single point of contact and flexibility, we work with you proactively and can suggest efficient design providing value management options.

Built to last, ready for future demands

Offer up to 1,000 Mbps commercial-grade broadband to your residents today, with the ability to ramp up to 10,000 Mbps when required. Premium service, symmetrical internet speeds and unlimited data will put a smile on their face long after they’ve moved in.

On time delivery

Rest assured that your residents will enjoy reliable and lightning-fast internet speeds with our backhaul available and head end commissioned at least one month before first service. Our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience means your residents can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity from day one.

More than just fast internet

We have the ability and proven capability to overlay additional services over our Fibre reducing cost for developers and owners’ corporations, including:

Capability statement

Learn more about who we are, how we are structured, what we can do for you and some of the many significant projects we’ve been involved with – and the experiences of some of our clients.

Success stories

Discover more about some of the many successful broadband projects Lynham Networks has delivered.

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