LINC Townhomes

LINC Townhomes


Cranbourne West, VIC

LINC Townhomes, a new Townhouse SDU complex developed by Pomeroy Pacific Pty Ltd under their own project management and constructed by Creation Homes, is located on Central Parkway in Cranbourne West and set to provide exceptional housing with a community feeling and advanced network solutions.

LINC Townhomes offers a perfect blend of homeliness and connectivity. The development boasts tastefully designed townhouses that are seamlessly connected through a world-class internal network spearheaded by Lynham Networks.

As a result, LINC Townhomes offers symmetrical internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. This state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures effortless streaming, working, and staying connected in our modern world.

Jeremy Rich highlights the value-add of Lynham Networks’ connectivity services for new developments like LINC Townhomes. “Our infrastructure can be integrated with zero capital outlay and zero disruption to construction activities,” he said. “In an era of constant connectivity needs, it is the ultimate solution that outshines outdated alternatives.”

The successful collaboration with and implementation of Lynham Networks yielded these features:

If you are looking for the final touch to your next success story, you can enquire now for our lightning-fast connectivity solutions.

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