Chateau Apartments


Apartment Building

Castle Hill, NSW

Located in Castle Hill, Chateau Apartments offers the epitome of modern luxury living.

The new development by Bridgestone, constructed by Westbourne and Deloitte PDS Group as project managers, prioritizes the residents’ comfort with a range of exceptional amenities, including a BBQ area, private rooftop terrace, outdoor cinema, and a fully equipped gym.

The Lynham Networks team ensured that these amenities are seamlessly connected through a world-class internal network.

“Chateau and the high standards set by developers was the perfect project for us to demonstrate our adaptive capabilities in the New South Wales market”

As a result, the residents of Chateau Apartments are able to enjoy ongoing free common area Wi-Fi, lightning-fast fibre connection for access control and smart EV chargers in the carpark.

To top it all off – residential, symmetrical internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, making streaming, working, and staying connected effortless – in our modern world representing the cherry on top of luxury premises.

“For new developments, Lynham Networks’ connectivity services can be integrated with zero capital outlay from the developer and zero disruption to construction activities.” states Jeremy Rich, Lynham Networks CEO, “We also ensure that new residents can get connected to the internet on day one of their move – in times of constant connectivity needs, it is the ultimate value-add that makes other solutions look far outdated.”

The successful collaboration with and implementation of Lynham Networks yielded these features:

If you are looking for the final touch to your next success story, you can enquire now for our lightning-fast connectivity solutions.

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