Cade Park

Cade Park

Industrial Park

Campbellfield, VIC
Commercial units

Cade Park had the vision to take the standard business-/industrial park approach and elevate it beyond traditional expectations by creating a vibrant productivity community hub.

Preserving the natural frog sanctuary located in the scenic lake at its heart, the ambitious $140 million project designed by Hachem, developed, and built by the Forte group under their own project management, is leading the future of modern, inspiring workspace design.

“A truly future leading design requires future proof connectivity solutions and the associated infrastructure. Having worked with Forte Group in their innovative residential development before, we are glad to showcase our talent in their digital precinct – Cade Park”

In close cooperation and coordination with Lynham Networks, Cade Park has been designed as a staged development, with each stage being commissioned separately – allowing access to the lightning-fast fibre backbone of Lynham Networks. With commercial, symmetrical internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, Cade Park is meeting tomorrow’s enterprise standards, today. If you are looking for the final touch to your next success story, you can enquire now for our lightning-fast connectivity solutions

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West End - Broadband

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