Maxwell Shifman

Board Director

As Board Director, Max brings a blend of strategic thinking, financial acumen, and industry knowledge to guide Lynham Networks towards sustained success in a rapidly evolving market.
Max brings a wealth of experience from his role as Chief Executive Officer of prominent property development company, Intrapac Property, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing a thriving portfolio and contributing to notable projects such as the multi award-winning Somerfield, Quay2 and Harvest Rise. He also served as President of the Urban Development Institute (National) from 2021-2023 and was a former Director of the Victorian chapter. 
As a seasoned corporate leader, Max is recognized for his extensive expertise and strategic insight. Max’s successful background exemplifies a keen understanding of industry dynamics and a commitment to excellence.
Board Director
Why did you join Lynham Networks? 
I was attracted to the young, growing company and the opportunity to help shape broadband offerings to better meet the needs of developers and customers alike.
What’s the best part of working at Lynham Networks? 
A culture of innovation, great customer service and a strong and vibrant leadership team. 
Where’s your favourite place in Melbourne? 
It might be self-serving, but as an Elwood local, I just love the area, near the Bay, so many parks and still close to the city. Once you live in Elwood, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else.

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