John Phillips


As Chairman, John provides strategic leadership, focusing on governance, risk management, and business strategy to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic broadband industry. His role involves steering the Board and Executive and driving initiatives for growth and success.

John is a seasoned C-suite executive with nearly 40 years of experience in IT, professional services, and telecommunications. In the last two decades, he served as CFO in ASX-listed companies such as Oakton, Opticomm, and Swoop. With expertise in governance, risk management, business strategy, and investor relations, John effortlessly combines technology acumen with business insight. His innovative approach ensures a focus on delivering top-tier tech results while maintaining a robust financial foundation.

Craig’s background includes decades in IT networking and cyber security, where he established a solid track record of building successful businesses in these industries. Craig has played a critical role in evolving Lynham Networks’s technology vision of faster, better internet for our customers.

3 questions with Craig

Why did you join Lynham Networks?

An exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing business at a relatively early stage of its development, in a sector that I have a lot of experience in.

What’s the best part of working at Lynham Networks?

Working with a dynamic team who are really invested in the business.

Where’s your favourite place in Melbourne?


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Elaine Chung

Head of Finance​

Alan Rich

Board director

Poh Meng Lee

Head of Operations